יום רביעי, 6 במאי 2009

Back to the third (and biggest..) island

Hello there everybody,
we found one thing that Israel is better at from NZ - we have a train to our airport and it works all night!!! they don't!
that's how we've found ourselves waiting for our flight from 2200 until 0630... yes, it's a long time waiting for 4 hours flight. good thing we still had some leftovers from our "tim tam evening" (the results of the competition, by the way, were that you shouldn't eat so many kinds of timtam all together. it just make you feel very sick!!)
the next morning we landed in the big flat land of Australia, directly to the gorgeous city - Melbourne.
the start wasn't very good (crazy winds, lots of rain, and a terrible backpacker*, which we left as fast as we could after a night without sleep).
but then we went to a great Sunday market, discovered that we can be excited from the amount of shops just as we were from the greatest mountains in NZ (the gozal almost cried from the Birkenstock store... almost as beautiful as in mt.cook and the cascade saddle...), lost some money in the casino and than earned it back the day after, did some gyro, saw some dinosaurs and other horrible creatures in the museum, met funny Israelis (one that used to work with ofer in aroma!), went to some free jazz festival shows and mostly were very surprised from the numbers of people that live there
Melbourne is huge and we could stay there longer but we don't have so much time here and we had to start the "great ocean road" which is exactly the way it sounds - along the coast. from somewhere after Melbourne and little bit before Adelaide (ye - almost 700 k"m before...).
it's a beautiful road with great views of the ocean (some time you drive really close to the sea and on the same level!) that is actually really good for surfers, because you suppose to stop in the beach and... surf. but we don't really have the time for that and, ya... we don't really know how to surf...
the main reason for us to stop was the koalas, which we saw a lot and couldn't have enough of that nice lazy bear (they mostly sleep all day long after eating the eucalyptus leaves that makes them get high - just like drugs), and saw some shadows that appear to be small penguins colony (that we waited for them for almost two hours and gave up already.
it took us 3 days to get to Adelaide from Melbourne, where we are now... well - 1 hour from the city, here it means that we are just near it.
we live with a very nice family, at their house, and do some "wwofing"* here.
surprisingly, we are the first Israelis they have at their farm so we found ourselves teaching them about the history of Israel and the middle east (from our point of view, of course...!) and even some Hebrew.
on Saturday we are going up north to the desert, the outback - heading to Alice springs. we did a relocation deal, so we have a camper van for 5 days and we pay a ridicules money for that...
from there we planed to go norther to Darwin but than we found out that there are 25 kinds of frogs and sweet-water alligators over there so now the gozal not really sure if she wants to go there at all... so, we'll see.
well, that's it for now.
hope you're all good over there
see you all in less than a month...
shachaf and ofer

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