יום שישי, 6 במרץ 2009

!here comes the sun!

hello to you all!
since the last time we wrote, we drove up north in the fiordland to the famous Milford sound, which is actually a fiord( and not a sound), that was created by a glacier, but the British, who discover it, weren't aware to it.
anyway, it was amazing sailing in this fiord, even though, it was cloudy and raining (again...) and due to that we saw much more streams of water around us!
now, if we would tell you that for the next four nights, we slept in few different lakes beaches, with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, you probably think its cost us a lot, but it is surprisingly amazing what you can do with 10$ and a tent!!! (and what about beef steaks with mashed potatoes with fried onion for two people for about 15 shekels total!).
when the rain stopped, we decided not to do the obvious thing - another tiyul gadol, and to spend these sunny days in few towns around.
we left the fiordland, with its rain and tones of sand flies (know we know what is it 'akitzot begodel shel kombain'!), and drove norther to queenstown. no, we skipped all these sky-divind and bunji-jumping (looking at others doing it was scary enough..). from there to glenorcy, arrowtown and chromwell, which surrounded with a lot of vineyards, and of course, we had a nice wine tasting in one of the wineries.
a bit dangerous thing to do on the morning..
now, in wanaka, hoping for good weather for another tiyul-gadol, we'll see... and you'll see the pictures...

so, shabat-shalom!
hoping for more sun for us, while more rain for you...

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  1. wow ofer, gather yourself, how comes that u sleep in a tent! dont let That Savage Boy to treat you like that!
    and love to u both:*